leather bags

A wise man once said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Wherever your journey takes you-shouldn’t it begin with a Vagabond Traveler Bag? Our goal at Vagabond Traveler is to provide unique, high quality bags at affordable prices. Each bag is handcrafted from the finest materials available and built to last for generations to come. The leather is lined with premium suede and cut into one of several unique and timeless patterns. The bag is expertly tanned to bring out its natural beauty and hand assembled by skilled artisans using thick nylon stitching. Stylish rivets and rings are added to reinforce potential points of extra stress and wear and functional nickel-plated buckles provide the finishing touch. The result is a ruggedly elegant bag that actually gets better the more you use it. What are you waiting for now? The real, rough full grain leather with wonderful scratches and scars make every item unique. Imperfections give our bags character and set them apart from the mass-produced “cookie cutter” bags that seem to be everywhere these days. Tough man! Time to act now.

This uniquely designed Leather Bag Tag will be easy to spot while keeping your personal information secure with a snap closure. Open the Bag Tag to find a Leatherology ID Card and beautiful leather lining, an added luxury. A Leather Tag for your bag is a must when traveling. It is important to purchase a dependable & well constructed luggage tag in the unfortunate case your bag is lost. Rest assured our Leather Bag Tags are hand crafted with the highest standards of workmanship allowing for a lifetime of enjoyment. The interior & exterior is lined in genuine leather equipped with a snap closure & Leatherology ID Card. The unique design will also make it easier to spot your bag on the baggage claim. Buiten is a striking croco-embossed Italian leather that blends classic style with modern flare. This wonderful leather has a slight sheen finish and firm hand feel offering a distinguished look.

Now you will be questioning about how to choose the right leather bags, before using it. If you are surfing on the internet about leather bags on several days, and when you do, some ads or website will came out and you interested in that product. But after you decided to purchase that leather bag and shipping home, you are dissapointed because the quality is not good as you expected.

The leather is not good, or the bag quality is bad. These problems is found when you decide to buy a new brand online. Yes, of course you will never know until you try to buy one product from that new brand, but you need to restrain yourself when you want to try a new one. Because new brands will give you discounts or cheaper price (for increasing their engagements). The best thing you can do when you are dealing with a new brand that’s you don’t know much, you need to do a research for that new brand first . You must find all about that brand, who is the brand owner, how about their company authenticity, where are their location, and especially do they have a website for their products.

When you can’t find a website with that new brand, or even marketplace, you need to see the feedback from someone who already bought their products. Make sure you have a good answer before you decide to buy a new one.

Don’t forget about the payment method they give to you when you are purchasing their product. Don’t let any scam website take your information. Make sure you know about which site is legit, and there are no fraud. Or you need to choose cash on delivery for your chosen product, this method will allow you to see the product first before you actually pay the price. Because you don’t want to wait a month or more and your product is not what you expected, right? That’s why you need to see their payment method first.

After that, you ned to make sure about the price validation. You need to do a research about the leather bag prices, which product is having a good leather and how much is the price. And you need to compare with the worst product you knew before. Take the price range of these products, and bring your new brand between them. When the catalog says that they have a premium quality of leather, and the price is below the product that you knew it’s a bad product, then you will know about this new brand might be using fake leathers. Unless if you are going to their store and physically touch the product, and you can ‘feel’ the good leather as good as in their catalog online, it will be no problem. But if you going to decide buying that product online, you need to be precise asking the details about the product because you are not physically touching them.

Okay, you already decide one product to buy. But before that, you need to ask about the return policy. Ask the details about their delivery schedule, and about their return policies. Because you will never know the product that you choose, and the product that they will deliver. It might be the same product, but how if the accessories is different?

If you already receiving their product, and the product exactly the same with their catalog, and having a good quality, don’t forget to make a testimonial from your point of view. Because we need to be cautious with new brand. But let’s be fair, if you already receive their product and that product is good for you, you need to give a good testimonial to support their product and brand even further. They might give discounts or cheaper price because their brand is new. And what they need to do is receiving good comments and feedback to make a solid product for their customers.