replica bags cheaper

I often browse through the luxury fashion brands websites and brochures and wonder to myself how do they justify such a high price tag. What is it that actually makes these designer bags so expensive and if I purchase one am I really only buying into their clever marketing? What are the real differences in terms of quality that justify a much higher price?

If we take the iconic Hermes Birkin Bag as an example, we see that often they are crafted from rare and expensive materials and may feature diamonds or other precious stones and materials.

These bags I have less of an issue with being marked up at a much higher price but should we take the ever popular Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas range what makes it so special? Yes it’s true that authentic designer version will be water proof and fireproof, scratch resistant and will likely last a lifetime but with price tickets upwards of a thousand dollars for a simply NeverFull canvas is this really a justified price?

A replica bag, no matter how close to perfection and true to the designers version will never be made from the same luxury materials and will probably not have gone through the same processes to ensure a long life.

Also depending on who you purchase from, and I really do recommend checking out some of the replica bag online stores, the quality of the material can vary greatly. It’s also worth noting that more classic the bag the less likely any obvious “fakeness”. Designer bags trimmed with fur will be real, a fake bag trimmed with fur will be synthetic, that said the crocodile skin Hermes Birkin bags from Bags Heaven are of an exceptional quality.

A huge difference between fake or designer is of course the way the bags are put together.

A designer bag will often take a week or more to produce by just one artisan who will work solely on that one particular bag. His work could be reflected in the serial number of that bag. Designer features would include only one piece on thread to be used throughout the entire bag, not cutting from start to finish. Instead it will be put together and sewn in a unique fashion which should give it greater strength. A fake designer bag will often have several workers in the process, each cutting and preparing their section before being passed to someone else to put the pieces together.

Usually one closer inspection one will find many imperfections with fake bags that come about because replica manufacturers often copy each other and do not invest in designs or patterns. This can lead to a hugely distorted version of the original designer bag. Retailers then buy these bags in bulk and sell them on at inflated prices but still much lower than the designers. Having said that there are some online fake retailers, that do actually invest in the designer bag to take apart and then make patterns from. This ensures a true mirror image of the authentic version.

And the biggest reason of all that a designer bag is so expensive…..because the designer will be taking a hefty amount in salary and the overhead of running designer boutiques in some of the most prestigious locations across the globe costs an awful lot of money.

Personally I’d prefer to enjoy my money more and purchase a good quality replica bag, that I can enjoy for a while before updating and perhaps taking a vacation on one of those prestigious locations.