favorite bags

It’s been a while since a Chloe bag has really caught my eye, in fact it was probably way back in the 90’s when everyone who as anyone was talking about the “Paddington bag” but even then I was a bit like “whatever”, it just looked so heavy, don’t you think? It was definitely eye catching and there was a huge media storm around it, and it was probably that in itself that was driving everyone so crazy for it and then of course they all sold out before they even hit the shelves, but I have to say although it was very popular I never really wanted one. Not really.

However that is certainly not the case with not just one but two new Chloe bags! It’s like buses you wait forever and then two come along at once!

If I was forced to choose between the Chloe Drew and the Chloe Faye bags I’d probably say that my favorite is the Chloe Drew bag. To be totally honest I first noticed the Chloe Drew on the fashion magazine pages around a year ago and soon after I picked up on the fact that loads (and I really do mean loads) of celebrities were also loving this bag. Suddenly most of Hollywood (I wrote a blog on this not so long ago, you may enjoy a read of that too) seemed to be toting it around, casually worn over the body and making full use of the long strap.

However that is certainly not the case with not just one but two new Chloe bags! It’s like buses you wait forever and then two come along at once!

It was at this point I thought I’d have a closer look and decide to pay a visit to one of my favorite luxury boutiques, Selfridges. Yes, nestled on a shelf in between several other designer bags it sat. On closer inspection it is easy to see why it quickly had become a firm favorite. A simple style but extremely well executed, make this the perfect bag to take you from day to night. The long strap makes it easy to wear and gives an elegant and relaxed vibe when worn across the body. Once I’d touched it I didn’t want to put it down, that was until I glanced to the right and the Chloe Faye bag caught my eye. When I picked it up it offered the same softness and the same quality.

The colors almost matched too. The difference with the Chloe Faye is that the strap is only long enough to be worn on the shoulder and the fastening is a little quirkier, in fact I’d go as far to say “more Chloe-esque” and obviously the shape is a little different too, but the quality and workmanship and overall minimalist style of them both means you could call the handbag twins, just not identical ones! With both the bags retailing at over $1500 I knew I wouldn’t be buying one or the other let alone both within the next few months. Luckily my favorite replica online vendor just happened to ping me over an email a few days later to let me know that they were now selling the Chloe Drew Bag… whoops of joy here as this was obviously meant to be. It meant that I could own one for as little as $219 (or less if was prepared to buy more bags)!

Since the stars had seemed to align to make this purchase possible I found myself clicking through to check out before I’d even realized (well it only takes a couple of clicks) and less than a week later I was the proud owner of a light grey Chloe Drew handbag. Small but perfectly formed (15x 13 x 7cm only) it was still large enough to pop my keys, cell, sun glasses and a few bits of make up into. What else do you need, sometimes it’s nice to travel light (I highly recommend it when possible). The pocket on the back is perfect to slip in some cash or cards for easy access.

If like me you can’t afford the real deal I’d definitely recommend this version, I’ve worn it several times out and my friends have no idea it’s not an authentic Chloe bag and I’m sure as hell not going to tell them.